Thursday, August 11, 2005

10 gallon divided betta tank

A 10 gallon divided up for bettas. I was finally able to reclaim it for my bettas after having had to clean it out and set it up for some blue ram juvies.
I have a mini penguin bio-wheel in the far left compartment and a box filter in the compartment on the far right. The sponge filter in one of the middle sections is being seeded for another tank. I like this setup because there are no live plants, I use only two incandescent lights. I have no algae to deal with in this tank so far as the filtration is more than adequate. I have concerns for the plants because they are plastic, but so far the betta are managing ok with seriously torn fins...yet anyway. I used them because I happen to have them laying around and didn't want to spend a bunch more on silk. This is a nice, no frills, easy to maintain tank....good for a betta enthusiast who wants LOTS of bettas but doen't want to clean LOTS of
Oh, one mention....the compartment with the filter in it may be too turbulant for bettas....right now I have a male ram in there...serious spat with the spouse while caring for fry..thought I would save his life and give them both a don't know if I'll be able to put him back in with the ole lady until the fry are out of there...(he's from my 20long planted)


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